matilda erika strandberg

Visual Communicator  from Stockholm, Sweden

I am in my element when I get to be creative, and I have always had a passion for expressing myself through images. I’m an emotional person and I get a lot of my inspiration from the atmosphere around me. This empathic approach is something I like putting into everything I create, whether it is an illustration or a logotype. I consider myself versatile and my interests span over both the illustration and the graphic design spectra.


2021–                Creative designer,  Desenio Group, Stockholm
2020–2021    Illustrator, Poster Store, Stockholm


2018–2021    Bachelor  in visual communication, KMD, Bergen
2015–2016    Letterpress  with focus on artists’ books, Grafikskolan, Stockholm
2014–2015    Illustration & graphic design, Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm
2013–2014    Undergraduate artistic education, Basis konstskola, Stockholm
2012–2013    Graphic design & communication, Runö folkhögskola, Stockholm

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